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Trade Agreement Services

USMCA and these other trade agreements can mean significant duty savings, but bring with them a compliance dimension for which many importers have not properly planned.  Our trade agreement consultants:

  • Analyze the potential benefit available to offset the costs and audit risks of creating and managing Certificates of Origin;
  • Verify the correct tariff classifications of all preference candidates;
  • Determine the applicable Rules of Origin;
  • Analyze existing and planned trade flows to identify duty rate opportunities;
  • Audit existing certificates for regulatory compliance; and
  • Train the compliance staff to accurately qualify an item, document the process and implement compliant recordkeeping practices.

The U.S. currently has the following trade agreements in force:

  • Australia (AFTA)
  • Bahrain (BFTA)
  • Chile (CFTA)
  • CAFTA – DR (Central America – Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement)
  • Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA)
  • Israel (ILFTA)
  • Jordan (JFTA)
  • Korea (UTFTA)
  • Morocco (MFTA)
  • Oman (OFTA)
  • Panama (PATPA)
  • Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
  • Singapore (SFTA)
  • United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA)

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