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Tom King  is the President of Harmonized Tariff Services, with offices in Victor, New York.  Mr. King had a 37-year career with Xerox Corporation, with domestic and international management assignments in sales, service, systems, distribution, operations, and customs and tariff administration.  In 1994 he moved from Manager, Latin American Logistics and Distribution to become the first NAFTA Trade Manager in Xerox, continuing in that role through 2003.  In 1996 he added the responsibility of tariff classification management, in-sourcing the work from the customs broker and creating the team, systems, and processes required to achieve high-level compliance.  His classification organization built a multinational database of over 200,000 classified items and was cited by Customs and Border Protection as a classification compliance benchmark.

He founded Harmonized Tariff Services in 2006, bringing his broad business experience and deep understanding of tariff classification, NAFTA and marking to clients across the country.  He has completed major classification projects in articles as diverse as steel sheet, rod and bar, blood collection and processing equipment, diesel engine parts, LPG compressors, broadcast television equipment, metalworking fluids, metering pumps, laboratory ware, diagnostic medical devices and offshore oil rigs.  He has delivered on-site and video conference NAFTA training to organizations as large and complex as a multinational Fortune 100 company to small businesses with a one-person compliance staff.  He has engaged all these clients as a business professional applying his knowledge and experience to improve their compliance and maximize their bottom line results.

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