Harmonized Tariff Services

Informed Compliance Protects Your Business and Saves Time and Money


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There are any number of ways to run afoul of the regulations governing imports into the United States:  errors in harmonized codes, incorrect country of origin determinations, and trade agreement documentation chief among them.  Harmonized Tariff Services specializes in helping importers improve compliance and save money in:

Tariff Classification:  by correcting the errors in your harmonized codes, you improve your import and export compliance, identify Foreign Trade Zone opportunities, and establish the foundation for taking advantage of all trade preference agreements.  For more information, please refer to our Tariff Classification Services.

Trade Agreements:  with clean harmonized codes in place, you can assess the accuracy and effectiveness of both the Certificates of Origin you issue and those you receive from suppliers as a basis for your own claims.  For more information, please refer to our Trade Agreement Services.

Country of Origin Determinations:  with effective training and the implementation of a controllable process you reduce the frequency of country of origin determination errors and the associated compliance risk.  For more information, please refer to our Country of Origin Determinations.

The law requires that importers exercise “reasonable care” and failure to do so increases audit risk (which can lead to fines and penalties), and issues uncovered in audits can lead to more audits, supply chain delays, and increased inventory costs.  Reasonable care can also have beneficial outcomes by reducing duties and finding savings through trade agreements or Foreign Trade Zones.  Harmonized Tariff Services is ready to assist in these critical areas.